Inspirational: Inspires others to be their best by setting the example.

The newly revised competencies of a TRP include five key qualities. Each of them describe important aspects of our highest ethical character. This month we’ll explore the quality of Inspirational. You can see all five qualities here.

Below is a picture of Rodney Smith Jr., the founder of Raising Men Lawn Care. If you haven’t heard Rodney’s story, click the image below to see the 2.5 minute YouTube video. He and his colleague have just cut this lady’s lawn. All three are residents of Huntsville, Alabama, home of Rodney’s business. That business is about giving young men a job that builds character: cutting grass for elderly neighbors, without charge.


What do you see in this picture? Here are a few things we’ve picked out:

  • Rodney and his team view their own youthfulness as a responsibility. Because they are young and able, they can and will give back and serve older people.
  • People of diverse backgrounds can have meaningful, common connections.
  • His team mentors young men to stay “busy” with production and service.
  • When busy with the above, young men also learn to be focused.
  • They observed a PROBLEM with older people not being able to take care of their lawns.
  • They observed a PROBLEM with young people giving in to negative habits for a lack of positive opportunities.
  • They offered a solution to both problems that has an exponential impact. Not only does it solve the above two problems but it fosters hope and inspiration that can ripple out far beyond their neighborhood. On their facebook page, they end all of their posts with, “Making a difference in our community.”

Thanks Rodney and the folks at Raising Men Lawn Care for inspiring us to do our best by setting the example. To our readers… pass it on!


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