TRP® Foundational Principles


  1. Each of us can learn to stay positive, productive and effective, no matter what the circumstances.
  2. We may be unable to control our circumstances, but we can control how we handle them.
  3. Each of us is—or can learn to be—in charge of our moods, attitudes, emotions and behaviors, without blaming others for them.
  4. Everything that happens to us is an Opportunity For Learning And Growth—an “O-FLAG.”
  5. We can learn to deal with the “victim mentality” in ourselves and others. This recenters the “locus of control” within ourselves, and reaps profound benefits in our personal and professional lives.
  6. Serving others and the greater good is a key to success and fulfillment—and to uncovering greater meaning and purpose in life.
  7. We help others to mature and become more responsible—to grow—by not rescuing or enabling any of their victim thoughts, attitudes or behaviors.
  8. We get back from life whatever we put into it: good or ill. What goes around comes around.
  9. “Character” and “Values” are the basis for any successful life and corporate endeavor. Character can be consciously developed (and our values made preeminent).

2 thoughts on “About

  1. When is the next training? I could not come to the training in Greensboro and Santa Fe is too far for me to travel (though I would love to go!!!)

  2. Hi Andrea! Next *public* trainings are held in New Mexico. We have workshops in Chattanooga, TN, Madison, WI, and Washington DC in the next few weeks. Any of those work for you? Otherwise the next training in Winston-Salem/Greensboro will be held in March 2014. Hope to see you soon!

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