Moments of Choice

The smile
She was getting frustrated. Every call she answered had an unhappy customer on the other end of the phone. After all, people don’t call customer service when they are happy. They call when something is wrong. Normally she finds it easy to solve problems, but the last customer was mean. The customer blamed her! She wanted to tell the customer it wasn’t her fault, but she knew that wouldn’t work.

Her manager walked by. She knew her manager knew she was getting frustrated, she knew it was written all over her face. The manager smiled. “You’re doing fine,” she said. “Let them hear you smile. The way you handle the next call, you might just make their day.”

The phone rang. She smiled, and answered.

Our moments of choice are not annual events. They are everyday. They are the opportunities we have to reveal our character. In those moments, we might just make someone else’s day.

For me, the value of respect is important. It’s a value I try to live by. How? By looking for opportunities to express it – looking for those moments of choice. What’s the value you will choose at the next moment of choice?