Making Progress: A TRP Success Story

keyboard_typingWe sent an email to Amber, a graduate of a TRP program. Amber experienced the TRP training six months ago and has been dedicated to using what she learned. In our email, we asked, “How is your TRP practice going these days? What success stories can you share? What O-FLAG’s?”

Amber writes back. Warning!! Only read this if you are ready for inspiration!

Sent: Thu 1/16/2014 5:38 PM

I am definitely thinking about TRP constantly – when I feel myself getting very frustrated or about to snap, I am constantly reminded to take a breath, step back, and make a better decision about how to respond. Sometimes it even works! 🙂

One success story I have is that one of my co-workers that was very negative and hard to work with seems to be coming around. He has actually apologized to me and said he wants to be better. I think there are other, personal factors at play, but I do think that my behavior has helped. Rather than reinforce the negativity, I have tried to at least model TRP and focus on improving myself rather than worrying about everyone else. I’m hoping that has at least a little to do with the turn-around. (But either way, I’m happy about it!!).

Notice how Amber’s email illustrates two things:

  1. Her level of self-awareness has heightened. With practice after the training, she is more aware of the victim mentality and making excellent choices about it.
  2. Her ability to put the TRP awareness into practice is having a huge impact on personal relationships. Likely both at work, and at home.

Thank you Amber, for sharing this story. We’re passing it on.


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